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YAY! Our 100th comic!!! Thank you very much for being an awesome fan of American Otaku! This comic marks an important milestone for American Otaku, but these past few months have been especially meaningful to me. A good group of very talented webcomikers have been regularly commenting on my comics and/or have joined our facebook page. It is the building of such relationships that continues to motivate me to draw comics. I hope we’ll continue to build on this foundation and encourage, challenge, and support one other. And, I will like to take this opportunity to thank the following fellow artists:

Addanac City by George Ford

Animatic Press by Frank Hansen

Bearman Cartoons

Chloroville by Victor Wong

The Daily Grind by MJ

Flying Sparks collaborative work of Jon Del Arroz, Michael Yakutis, Sanju Nivangune, and Ren McKenzie

Goeber and Cindy by Daniel Barton

In the Way by Jason

JBStuff by JB

Manic Comics by Hjörtur Hjartarson

The Misadventures of SuperMilo by William Boyer

Scapula by Aidan Casserly

The Superpower Union by Daniel Elliott

Tix-Comix by Collen

T.M. Comics by Tony McGurk

Wombania by Peter Marinacci

Zombie Boy Comics by Mark Stokes

Thank you, thank you, and simply thank you.

Btw, is anyone going to the Webcomics Con? I believe this is a new convention catering exclusively to webcomics! I will likely attend and it would be cool if we can meet up there. Just a thought. :)

REFERENCE: movie “300