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A·mer·i·can [uh-mer-i-kuh n] adj. 1. Of or relating to the United States of America or its people, language, or culture. american. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved September 02, 2008, from website:

O·ta·ku [oh-tah-koo] n. 1. an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed anime, video games, or computer and rarely leaves home. otaku. (n.d.). Webster’s New Millennium® Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v.0.9.7). Retrieved September 02, 2008, from website:

“AMERICAN OTAKU” is a comical rendition of American Geek Culture.  The comic series is based on two geeky brothers who lives in a distorted reality shaped by their obsession with movies, video games, TV shows, comics, anime and pop culture.  The brothers, ALLÉ and GOLLÉ, welcome you to a brand new world of the geeks.  Yes…  FINALLY it’s cool to be a geek!  “AMERICAN OTAKU” is a comic series drawn and written by the CHOE brothers and their good friend, Jason.  ENJOY!!!!


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“Fly like a BUTTERLFY and sting like a BUTTERFLY…”  Okay, that doesn’t make sense, but that’s how Allé views the world.  He lives in a rainbow-colored La La land where everybody holds hands, rides unicorns, and sings Kumbaya.  He is goofy, always giggly, overly cheerful, slightly feminine, and a total whimp.  He’s afraid of heights, reads every book Oprah recommends, does Pilates every Saturday morning, loves girl scout cookies, owns the complete “Dawson’s Creek” DVD set, and relies too much on his younger brother, Gollé, for all decision-making.  He is a Democrat and a Boston Red Sox fan.


“Fly like a BEE and sting like a BEE!”  Gollé is a walking ball of fire and is all about TOUGH love…especially towards his older brother, Allé.  His view of world is monochromatic.  Everything is very simple to him.  However, others rarely agree with him.  He is tough and short-tempered.  He would rather give a smirk than a smile.  He is sarcastic, tips minimally, slightly ghetto, eats steak with A.1. Sauce, hates watching Sex and the City, dreams of being the Jerry Springer Show, is in love with Seven of Nine, believes 2Pac is alive, and is constantly annoyed by his brother’s air-headedness.  He is a Republican and a New York Yankees fan.

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“…”  Ollé is a quiet guy with a silent voice but a very loud personality.  Although we have never personally heard him speak, his voice is rumored to be smooth and bassy by those few who have heard it.  He is mysterious, very cynical, highly observational, and analyzes everybody’s behavior.  His stealthy nature feeds his stalking tendencies.  He attends every Anime Convention without fail.  Most of his friends play MMORPGs.  He burns every DVD he borrows from Netflix and returns them the very same day.  He can’t eat artichokes.  He is a chronic insomniac, has extremely good oral hygiene, and always uses a female character when playing MMOs in order to receive free stuff from other players.  He lives in his mother’s basement.  He is apolitical, a skeptic, a strict deconstructivist, a militant logician, and a Hannah Montana fan.



Long ago in a planet far away, a geek was born. He traveled all over galaxy to find an equivalent with geekiness paralleling to his. He landed on Earth and met his ‘brother’. He took his boyish charm to Korea and eventually to Japan where he matured into a bigger geek. He earned his graduate degree in bioengineering, but never put his degree to use. Instead he spent the following 2 years watching Star Trek reruns. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Eventually he regained the honor of his family name by finishing his education in dentistry, and is currently studying Periodontics… where he is secretly planning to take over the world. [Check out his detailed profile]


A boy was born with supreme geek power. Many were afraid of his power, and he was forced to live as an exile. He traveled through many alternative universe, and he chose Earth as his hiding place. There he met his ‘brother’ and together they lived in America, Korea and Japan. He elevated his geek power to a higher level as he obsessed himself with video games, manga, and anime. KAMEHAMEHA! After graduating from Art school he disguised himself as a Graphic Designer to blend in with the earthlings. Since then he has been working for various clothing industries and enjoys his peaceful life… which is a very good thing for Earth. [Check out his detailed profile]


In one summer late in the 20th century, unbeknownst to anyone noteworthy in the world, something incredible was happening in the heart of America.  A hero was born.  However, his soul was lost in chaos.  He was a person without a purpose.  Aimlessly he wandered.  Interests turned into obsessions.  Light turned to darkness.  Having cast aside the puerile grasp of Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Commodore 64, and having replayed his fill of Sierra games, his attention turned to the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The middling machinations of Mario and Gyromite were not enough.  He needed a mission.  Seduced by the grandure of a war-battered sword and axe, his first purchase was made.  The crack of the cellophane.  The smell of the freshly-printed manual.  The click of the cartridge tray.  Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage, Black Mage.  He had found himself.  His fate had been sealed.  His quest had begun… [Check out his detailed profile]