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ABSTRACT BEING – a Never Ending comic that started from a piece of booger



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Hobby One
“Hobby One” – Japanese toy store located in Auckland, NZ. Store has a great selection of games and Gundam models for great prices!!! Owned by CHOE brother’s cousin.


Mary Takeyama
“Mary Takeyama” – CHOE bros’ mutual friend, Mary Takeyama, is an actress who appeared in various TV shows including the very famous “Furuhata Ninzaburo.” She is currently in LA pursuing her acting endeavors in the HOLLYWOOD!

Pink Kong Design
“Pink Kong Design” – cool, innovative, fashionable accessories and costumes by designer Erika Ryan. If you need to be in style, this is a good place to start from.

Sons of Sulu
“Sons of Sulu” – A blog about music and entertainment. Alex’s friend, Bart, is just full of information.