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Does the title sound pornographic? Sorry guys! It’s not about porn. It’s about the XBOX 360‘s reputation for breaking down. The list of problems include frequent overheating, frequent general system failures (“Red Ring of Death”), sudden loss of video, jamming disc tray, and drive malfuntion. One of the more recent and serious problems is the possibility of scratched discs.

On 12/9/2008 an Illinois man, Jason Johnson, filed a suit against Microsoft claiming that his XBOX 360 ruined his games. The characteristic circular scratches are made when the console is changed from its horizontal to vertical position (and vice versa) during game play. But Johnson was far from being the first to notice and not the first to file a lawsuit either. This malfunction was discovered prior to its production in 2005. Three possible solutions to the problem were suggested but were never implemented. Johnson filed suit after his console scratched three store-bought game discs, and is seeking $50,000 in punitive damages. A 2007 lawsuit made similar claims and is currently seeking class action status.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News, Wikipedia