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The manga “Dragon Ball” is not the same without Piccolo.  He first entered the series as the evil nemesis of Son Goku, and their battle marks one of the most memorable scenes.  As the story progressed, however, Piccolo evolved from Goku’s nemesis into a friend and eventually becomes a personal trainer to his son, Son Gohan.  Piccolo got it all…  Except for one thing…  A sense of fashion.  Through out the WHOLE manga/anime series he wears the same purple suit, white cape, and a turban.  However!!! There’s only ONE episode where he changes into something else.  Check out this clip where Piccolo and Goku go to the city to learn how to drive.  It’s speculated that Piccolo is wearing a cap to hide his head appendages from the civilians (Piccolo pretty much terrorized the world back in the evil days).  BTW Piccolo is borrowing clothes from Goku.  This is a rare scene that illustrates Piccolo‘s personal side.

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