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Since music is one of my core interests, I was hoping to do an interesting bit on it every now and then. Here’s my first attempt: Duck Tales!

I have fond memories of playing this game as a kid. It was as fun as it was difficult as most side-scrollers were back then. I have a habit of focusing on the in-game music (perhaps more than I should). This game was no exception. To be honest, I wasn’t very taken with the music when I first started playing it. I’m sure trying to compose great music with the limited resources of the NES was surely a challenge for the composers. Even keeping that in mind, I wasn’t too impressed. Then I got to the “Moon!”

I was blown away! For some reason, the music for the Moon stage seemed so much more sophisticated than the rest of the in-game soundtrack. Looking back, I was convinced that someone else composed the Moon theme. It just seemed so different–so much better! But, the entire soundtrack was composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi. What the source of his inspiration was when composing the Moon theme will probably be forever unknown to me. But, the result was an awesome track. Here’s the original NES version:

Neat-O huh? Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one who appreciated this track. A quick search on YouTube produced recordings of several covers of this piece. I won’t attach them all here, but here are two of my favorites. One by CarboHydroMusic, and one by OverClocked ReMix.

Super sweet! Both CarboHydro and OC ReMix have some really cool stuff on YouTube by the way, so if you’re interested in game music, I suggest you check out their channels.

I hope this was fun, stay tuned for more!–-duck-tales